Bicycle Patrol

The City of Wilsonville is very bike friendly in many ways including both bike paths and off road riding opportunities, relatively flat terrain, and safe streets. The city recently invested in training and equipment by introducing bicycle patrols in Spring of 2014.The City of Wilsonville Police Department has several officers now using bicycles during any given shift to patrol neighborhoods, business and industrial areas, and parks, resulting in enhanced community-policing and greater accessibility to citizens.
All bike patrol officers have attended specialized training in bicycle patrol that prepares them to use the bicycle as an enforcement tool.  This essential training combines Emergency Vehicle Operations for bike officers with patrol procedures, tactics, night operations, scenarios, and basic bike maintenance and on-the-road repairs. They learn to ride competently, avoid crashes, and use their bike to locate and engage criminal activity and traffic offenses. 

Bike officers patrol on bicycles as a component of their regular duties.  They are still required to respond to calls and assist other officers, with the understanding that their response times can sometimes be hampered.  Bike patrol gives access to large areas that are otherwise not accessible.  Additionally, many have told us that patrolling on a bike makes officers easier to talk to and more accessible.  

By using bicycles, the police department is also working to reduce pollution, save gas, and improve the general health of the officers who ride. 

Some bike riders like to know about equipment in cycling.  The Wilsonville Police bike patrol rides Kona hardtail 29” mountain bikes with an integrated rear rack built into the frame.  The bikes are outfitted with the Night Rider police package that includes red and blue warning lights, a white illumination light, rear red and blue flashers and an alert siren.