Development Process Guidelines

Welcome to the City of Wilsonville. We thank you for choosing Wilsonville for locating your project. The nature of your project determines the process you will go through to obtain the necessary permits to complete your project. Simple projects may only require an over-the-counter permit such as a building permit for a small shed in your backyard or a planning permit for cutting a tree or a simple sign change. All projects that require construction permits must have land use approvals through the Planning Division and building permits issued by the Building Division before any work begins. In addition, a Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before the facility may be occupied. A telephone call to the Planning Division and/or Building Division will help you determine the process needed to complete your project.

This Development Process Guide is designed to help residents, owners, developers, and project designers understand the process in Wilsonville. It will explain the step-by-step process, time frame and permit fees for each step including:
  1. Pre-application Meeting
  2. Planning Division Requirements / Public Review Process
  3. Natural Resources Program Requirements and Fees
  4. Engineering Division Requirements and Permits
  5. Building Division Permits and Requirements
  6. Final Inspections and Approvals
When applying for a permit from the City, applicants are encouraged to stay in contact with the staff member reviewing your application. Two-way communication is always helpful to keep the review process running smoothly for both the applicant and the City. The Community Development Department, under which /264/Planning, Building, Engineering, Natural Resources, and Environmental Services reside, is located at 29799 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, 503-682-4960.

After a permit has been issued and construction is underway, the contractor and the developer is encouraged to set aside at least one or two meeting dates with City inspection staff to discuss the project occupancy schedule and expectations and special conditions associated with the project. It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that the lines of communication between the City and contractor / developer stay open until the project is completed.

Contractors / developers are encouraged to contact members of the Community Development staff at any point when they have questions or concerns about their projects. We look forward to working with you to ensure your development experience in Wilsonville is a pleasant one.