Transportation Systems Plan

Transportation System Plan & Adopting Ordinances

The City of Wilsonville proposed and adopted, see Ordinance 789, a minor amendment** to Wilsonville’s adopted 2013 Transportation System Plan (TSP). The TSP is the City's long-term transportation plan and is a sub-element of its Comprehensive Plan. It includes policies, projects, and programs that could be implemented through the City's Capital Improvement Plan, development requirements, or grant funding.

**Please refer to the Planning Commission Agendas and Packets for specific information regarding this consideration.  The Planning Commission held a work session on March 9, 2016 and topical documents presented are available.  The first Evidentiary Hearing is April 13, 2016 with the final hearing scheduled for May 16, 2016.  City Council adopted the amended TSP, see Ordinance 789, on June 6, 2016. 

The Wilsonville City Council adopted the Transportation System Plan (TSP) update on June 17, 2013.