Stormwater Master Plan

2012 Stormwater Master Plan 
The 2012 Stormwater Master Plan involves an integrated approach to stormwater and watershed management that will result in the development of management solutions and policies that maintain, enhance and restore local watersheds, and meet engineering, environmental, and land use needs.
Plan Inclusions
The plan includes:
  • Basin and land use analysis
  • Stormwater computer modeling
  • Goals, policies, and code related to stormwater management
  • Development of Capital Improvement Program projects
  • Financial analysis and plan
  • Addressing state and federal requirements
  • Public involvement process
Low Impact Development
Low Impact Development (LID) principles and practices are used in the master plan. The primary stormwater management objective for LID is to replicate the pre-development hydrologic regime of watersheds through infiltrating, filtering, storing, evaporating, and detaining runoff close to its source. Villebois includes a number of LID principles and practices. The Public Works Standards will be revised to recognize the use of LID practices for stormwater management, subject to approval by the City Council.

Additional Information
If you have any questions about the master plan, please contact Natural Resources Program Manager Kerry Rappold at 503-570-1570.