French Prairie Bridge

French Prairie Bridge 093016

Project Overview

This project will develop preliminary designs for a proposed bicycle/pedestrian/emergency access crossing of the Willamette River west of the I-5 Boone Bridge. The project will address key questions about the bridge landing points, design, and costs, and thereby help position the community and the region to decide whether to pursue final bridge design and construction. Currently the only means of crossing the Willamette River in the Wilsonville area is Interstate 5, which averages over 120,000 vehicles a day. With over one-third of the trips being large trucks moving freight through the region and a posted speed limit of 65 MPH, the route provides pedestrians and cyclists with a dangerous and unpleasant experience with no separation from traffic.

The Wilsonville community identified a need for safe bicycle and pedestrian access across the Willamette River in its adopted 2013 and 2016 Transportation System Plan, which includes work completed in the 2006 Bicycle and Pedestrian and 2007 Parks and Recreation Master Plans. Additionally, the City’s recent 2014 Wilsonville Tourism Development Strategy identified improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as a key element needed to attract bicycle tourism to the area.

Staff Contacts

Staff can be reached via telephone at 503-682-4960

Project Information

  • Design Engineer:  OBEC
  • Funding Source: Federal grant–METRO's Regional Flexible Funds Program, Parks SDC
  • Capital Improvement Project #:  9137 

Task Force

The City of Wilsonville is seeking interested members of the public to serve on an advisory task force for the French Prairie Bridge Project. 

The City will strive to appoint project task force members who represent diverse stakeholder interests and perspectives. The advisory task force will meet at least four (4) times over the next two (2) years to discuss public input, technical analyses, and project recommendations. Task force applications are due October 14, 2016.  

For questions or additional information regarding this project, please contact Zach Weigel at 503/570-1565,

Task Force Membership Application Form