5th Street/Kinsman Extension

5th Kinsman Arrowhead Ck 3-21-17

City Council at their December 19, 2016 meeting made a final decision for the preferred alignment connecting to 5th Street.  City Council approved a contract with Otak Inc. on March 20, 2017 for design services for Phase 1 of this project which extends 5th Street approximately 1,500 feet west and Kinsman Road 1,000 feet south to a new intersection with Industrial Way and Arrowhead Creek Lane.  The project will also extend the Ice Age Tonquin Trail 2,000 feet to connect with Boones Ferry Road and look at urban improvements to Boones Ferry Road between 5th Street and Bailey Street.   The roadways will cross Coffee Lake Creek at two (2) locations and will add a signalized crossing at the Portland & Western Railroad line.  Design, permitting and property acquisition will take approximately 14 months; construction is anticipated to start in Summer 2018.

For more information visit http://5thtokinsmanroad.org/

Staff Contacts
Staff can be reached via telephone at 503-682-4960
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Project Information

  • Design Engineer:  Otak, for preliminary design and location
  • Contractor:   TBD
  • Funding Source: Urban Renewal Year 2000 Plan
  • Capital Improvement Project #:   4196

Project Status

  • Interviewing project stakeholders.