IT Strategic Plan Virtual Open House

Welcome to the City of Wilsonville's
IT Strategic Plan
Virtual Open House!

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  1. 1 -  Purpose & Goals
  2. 2 -Current Technologies
  3. 3 -Innovation Examples
  4. 4 -Tech to Consider
  5. 5 -How You Can Help?

Welcome to Step 1, where you learn what an IT Strategic Plan is and why it’s important to you, the Wilsonville community resident, business owner, and/or visitor. So, let’s get started!

What is it?

An IT Strategic Plan is a document that translates the City’s collective vision for technology services into actionable steps over a period of time…in this case, 5 years.

The goal for this document is to identify, define, and prioritize the technology projects that will allow the City to offer excellent service in the most efficient and effective manner across all City departments. A successful IT Strategic Plan will help City staff

  • Understand the key areas to focus the City’s Information Technology resources on
  • Determine how the City can enhance the use of technology to meet community needs
  • Explore innovative ideas for improving services through the use of technology
  • Develop a road map for technology investment over the next 5 years

      - And -

  • Become known as a City that…does technology right!

Why should you care?

As the project process diagram below illustrates, ultimately, the community’s goals are what will drive the vision for the final document…which means that you, as a resident, utility customer, business owner, developer, employee, transit user, and/or visitor of Wilsonville have an opportunity to help shape the future of Wilsonville’s technology. And we want to hear from you!

Process diagram