Franchise Management

Comcast Cable Community Survey
Coming soon! Yours could be one of the 4000 randomly selected Wilsonville households to participate in a very important survey. The survey will ask a series of questions about Comcast cable service and local access programming, such as the City’s WGC TV Channel 30. Your responses will be used to shape the Comcast franchise renewal negotiations and will impact local access programming in the Wilsonville area for the next decade.

Is this survey anonymous? Yes. Survey responses are completely anonymous.

But I’m not a Comcast Customer? That’s okay! Your responses are still very valuable.

What if I just throw the survey away? Given typical survey return rates, your responses could represent hundreds of Wilsonville residents. So, be counted! 

Will the City really use the information from the surveys? Yes. The responses will form the basis for requests negotiated with Comcast during the renewal process.

What is a cable franchise and why is the City going into negotiations with Comcast? A cable franchise is an agreement between a cable service provider and the local right-of-way (ROW) authority, the City, granting access to the City rights-of-way in exchange for compensation, in the form of a franchise fee, and adherence to negotiated performance standards and terms, which form the franchise. The current franchise agreement expires at the end of January, 2016.

What does local access programming have to do with Comcast? In addition to a franchise fee, the franchise establishes a Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) fee for capital support of local access programming. Under the current franchise agreement, a dollar per subscriber per month is provided by Comcast to the City to purchase equipment needed to televise the City Council and Planning Commission meetings and other government related programs for broadcast on Channel 30. The franchise not only allocates money for equipment, but it also establishes what local access programming channels will be aired on the cable system within Wilsonville. Currently, there are 6 local access channels.

Can I get a copy of the summarized survey results once the survey is complete? Yes, The City will provide a summary of the survey results online, once the survey is complete and the data has been tabulated.

Still have more questions? Please feel free to contact Holly Miller, the City's IT Manager, at