The State of Oregon's Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Code Assistance Program is funding the development of a Light Industrial Form-based Code and a Pattern Book to apply to the Coffee Creek Industrial Area.

The Coffee Creek Industrial Area Form-based Code and the Pattern Book together establish regulations and guidelines for street design and connectivity, site design and circulation, building form, and building architecture and landscape for all development located in the Coffee Creek Industrial Master Plan area.

The City of Wilsonville expects new development in industrial areas to make successful contributions to the quality of life in the City by:

  • Construction of well-designed, high-quality buildings that serve current needs and are adaptable to future uses;
  • Integrating industrial land uses with all modes of transportation including the active modes of transportation of walking, biking, and transit;
  • Preserving existing trees and natural features and enhancing the character and qualities of a unique landscape with a distinctive image and identity;
  • Preserving existing jobs and creating new ones; and
  • Creating a quality workplace for employees.

The Form-based Code will set forth the standards for development and define the essential determinants for designs that are critical to development. These standards are clear and objective and represent a baseline minimum for the sound development of employment uses in industrial areas.

Form-based Codes differ from conventional development codes because they set high-quality design standards for the development of the public realm supported by guidelines that illustrate clear and objective standards for building design and development. Form-based Codes seek to provide the appropriate balance between certainty of results for their communities with flexibility for developers to adapt to changing market conditions.