The State of Oregon's Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Code Assistance Program is funding the development of a Light Industrial Form-based Code and a Pattern Book to apply to the Coffee Creek Industrial Area.

The Coffee Creek Industrial Area Form-based Code and the Pattern Book together establish regulations and guidelines for street design and connectivity, site design and circulation, building form, and building architecture and landscape for all development located in the Coffee Creek Industrial Master Plan area.

The City of Wilsonville expects new development in industrial areas to make successful contributions to the quality of life in the City by:

  • Construction of well-designed, high-quality buildings that serve current needs and are adaptable to future uses;
  • Integrating industrial land uses with all modes of transportation including the active modes of transportation of walking, biking, and transit;
  • Preserving existing trees and natural features and enhancing the character and qualities of a unique landscape with a distinctive image and identity;
  • Preserving existing jobs and creating new ones; and
  • Creating a quality workplace for employees.
Coffee Creek Map
Coffee Creek Industrial Area Vicinity Map

The Form-based Code will set forth the standards for development and define the essential determinants for designs that are critical to development. These standards are clear and objective and represent a baseline minimum for the sound development of employment uses in industrial areas.

Form-based Codes differ from conventional development codes because they set high-quality design standards for the development of the public realm supported by guidelines that illustrate clear and objective standards for building design and development. Form-based Codes seek to provide the appropriate balance between certainty of results for their communities with flexibility for developers to adapt to changing market conditions. 


Task 1:  Project Kick-off.  In the fall of 2013, the project team began work on the Coffee Creek Industrial Area Form-based Code with a site visit and community tour that helped to build a shared understanding of the existing conditions and the potential for a new tool for development review that will support new industrial and high-tech employment.

Task 2:  Evaluation of Existing Regulation. The project team undertook a critical assessment and evaluation of the existing regulatory frameworks that govern development in the Coffee Creek Industrial Master Plan area. This work was completed in the winter of 2013 and has helped inform the project approach to the draft Form-based Code and the draft Pattern Book.

Task 3: First Draft of the Form-based Code and Pattern Book. Completed in early May 2014 in consultation with – and input from – stakeholders and Planning Commissioners.

Task 4:  Second Draft of the Form-based Code and Pattern Book. Completed in early July 2014 with the benefit of input from Planning Commissioners and the City Council.

Task 5:  Road Test. Currently underway and expected to be complete by the end of September 2014. The project team is road testing the standards of the Form-based Code through:

  • 3D modeling of prototypical industrial and office development at a variety of scales; and
  • “Processing” prototypical project applications through a series of simulated development reviews.

Task 6:  Adoption and Implementation. Final drafts of the Form-based Code and the Pattern Book will be complete in November 2014. 

Who is Involved?

We want to create a development code that is implementable and has broad community support. We encourage you to become involved and part of the decision-making process. You can follow along or participate by:

    • Commenting on posts and documents on this website.
    • Provide your comments on the Form-based Code and Pattern Book here.
    • Participate in an online survey on the Form-based Code and Pattern Book.
    • Signing up for the project updates  here.
Planning Commission
The role of the Planning Commission will be to consider input gathered through community engagement, and make recommendations to the City Council. For more about the Wilsonville Planning Commission, click here.

City Council
The City Council will receive regular briefings on project progress, and review and discuss issues at key milestones. Staff will provide update briefings to the Council throughout the project. The City Council, as the policy leader and decision-making body, will be asked to provide policy direction and vet alternatives throughout the Project. For more about the Wilsonville City Council, click here.

City of Wilsonville Team
The project is managed by the City Community Development Department. The City team is supported by an experienced team of planners, urban designers, and code writers, led by Urbsworks, Inc.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
The Technical Advisory Committee provides ongoing review, input, and guidance to the Coffee Creek Light Industrial Form-based Code and Pattern Book. Committee members have been drawn from local jurisdictions, agencies, service providers, and stakeholders.

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