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Wilsonville is engaged in a community planning process for 500 acres of land east of Wilsonville.  Learn more...
October 19, 2015 City Council Public Hearing Update

On Oct. 19, 2015, the Wilsonville City Council held a well-attended public hearing on Resolution No. 2553 regarding the Frog Pond Area Plan. Thirty-two individuals and organizational representatives testified on a wide range of issues, including residential density, traffic impact and quality of life. Due to excused absences of two councilors, the Council deferred action on the plan. A Council vote on the plan is expected no sooner than Monday, Nov. 16, at a meeting when a full City Council is expected to be available to take action on the plan and after all City Councilors have had the opportunity to watch and consider testimony from the public hearing.

The Public Hearing Notice is available on the 
Maps and Documents page.  The documents the City Council reviewed at their hearing are available on Maps and Documents page
Planning Commission recommended the Frog Pond Area Plan, Phase 1: Concept Planning Public Hearing to City Council.
After conducting a Public Hearing on the Frog Pond Area Plan, Phase 1: Concept Planning, on September 9, 2015, the Planning Commission voted to recommend the Plan to City Council.

The Planning Commission Notice of Decision, adopted Resolution No. LP15-0002, staff report and other documents are posted on the Maps and Documents page.
Online Survey Results
The results of the April 2015 Frog Pond Area Plan Online Survey have been compiled and are now available on the Maps and Documents page.
Comment on the draft alternative Concept Plan
As the concept planning for the Frog Pond Area Plan is nearing completion, with hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council expected to be conducted in June, you are invited to view and comment on the documents that were presented to the Frog Pond Area Plan Task Force at their March 18 meeting. 

What's the latest?

The Frog Pond Area Plan, led by the City of Wilsonville will establish a vision for the 500-acre Frog Pond area, and define expectations for the type of community it will be in the future. After receiving input from the public and Frog Pond Planning Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Task Force on a set of three land use and transportation alternatives in October 2014, a draft preferred alternative was developed.  Additional meetings were held with the TAC and Task Force in December 2014, to discuss the draft concept plan as well as additional comments that were provided by property owners and citizens.  In January 2015, the Planning Commission and City Council conducted a joint worksession on the draft plan, specifically providing direction on planned housing mix as well as the location of future retail.  Based on the direction provided, the project team is preparing revisions to the documents that describe and illustrate the preferred alternative. 

There will be upcoming opportunities for the public to learn about and comment on the final draft Concept Plan:

  • Frog Pond Task Force meeting, March 18, 6:00 - 8:00 pm (Task Force meetings are open to the public and include a brief public comment period at the end of the meeting)
  • Public open house, April 2, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, City Hall
  • An on-line open house will run on the project website from April 2-12, please visit www.ci.wilsonville.or.us/FrogPond to participate. 
Meeting packets will be available from the Maps and Documents web page one week prior to the meeting.

Fall 2014
In September, 2014, a report titled “Land Use and Transportation Alternatives – Summary and Evaluation” was completed.  The report described and evaluated a set of options for the Area Plan, addressing land use, transportation, natural resources, parks, and infrastructure.  The alternatives were used as the set of materials for a broad community discussion regarding the pros, cons, and best performing elements of the plans.   In October 2014, discussion of the alternatives occurred with the following groups and through the following processes:

  • Frog Plan Area Plan Technical Advisory Committee
  • Frog Pond Area Plan Task Force
  • Wilsonville Planning Commission
  • Wilsonville City Council
  • Community Open House;  over 70 community members participated
  • On-line open house; over 400 responses were received and a summary of the comments were prepared.
  • Wilsonville developer focus group
  • Team work sessions to review input, gauge preferences and prepare recommendations.
Summer 2014:
Throughout the summer, the project team evaluated the existing infrastructure systems, studied the housing market, and estimated the cost of infrastructure required to serve the development in the future.

Some interesting things the project team has learned so far:

  • A new Boeckman Road bridge over the creek will be required to flatten out the “dip” in the existing road;
  • Assuming high priority projects already in the City’s Transportation System Plan are constructed, the transportation system (including the interchanges) will be able to handle traffic generated by the development;
  • Commercial services nearby will make the neighborhood more desirable as a place, and is a viable possibility in this location because it would serve existing neighborhoods and pass-by traffic;
  • The market study shows the primary demographic groups we are planning for are aging baby boomers and young families, both groups attracted to walkable neighborhoods with amenities like parks and trails.

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