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The public is invited to attend and participate in City Council Meetings where the Frog Pond Master Plan project is being reviewed. The Agenda and Minutes are available on our website HERE.
The purpose of the Master Plan is to: establish the overall vision for the neighborhood; illustrate and define neighborhood specific plans and requirements for land use, streets, pedestrian connections, bike routes, parks, open spaces and natural resource areas; describe and illustrate the City’s expectations for high-quality architectural and community design; serve as the guide for coordinating individual developments and public realm improvements into a cohesive whole; and provide implementation strategies for land use regulation and infrastructure funding.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on March 8, 2017 forwarding a unanimous recommendation of approval to the City Council.  At the City Council Hearing on June 19, 2017, the public will have an opportunity to comment on the Frog Pond West Master Plan and associated amendments to the Comprehensive Plan text and map, Planning and Land Development Ordinance text, and SROZ overlay zone map.

Building from the November 2015 adopted Frog Pond Area Plan, the Frog Pond West Master Plan and implementing amendments will build upon the vision established in the Area Plan for the Frog Pond West Neighborhood. The amendments include:

  • Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Map to add the ‘Residential Neighborhood’ and ‘Public Facilities’ designations.
  • Amendments to the text of the Wilsonville Comprehensive Plan to implement the Frog Pond West Master Plan.
  • Amendment to the Significant Resource Overlay Zone (SROZ) Map to incorporate the Willow Creek drainage.
  • Adoption of the Frog Pond West Master Plan as a supporting document of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Amendments to the Wilsonville Planning and Land Development Ordinance (Development Code) creating the Residential Neighborhood (RN) Zone as well as supporting amendments to the text of the Code incorporating the new RN zone.

City Council Hearing supporting documents:

Ordinance for Adoption - HERE
  • Exhibit A – Planning Commission Resolution and Record  (see Frog Pond Master Plan Record Below)
  • Exhibit B – Staff Report with Attachments:
Attachment A: 1) Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan Map, Significant Resource Overlay Zone (SROZ) Map; 2) Comprehensive Plan text; 3) New Residential Neighborhood (RN) Zone text; 4) Summary of Supporting Amendments to the Planning and Land Development Ordinance.  See below for the full text of the Supporting Amendments to the Planning and Land Development Ordinance (238 pages)
Attachment B: Revisions list – Frog Pond Master Plan Adoption Documents prepared by APG 
Attachment C: Frog Pond West: Infrastructure Funding Plan, prepared by LCG dated June 7, 2017

  • Exhibit C – Frog Pond West Master Plan dated March 1, 2017 (Planning Commission Recommended version)

Frog Pond Master Plan Open Houses

The City of Wilsonville hosted Open Houses on September 14, 2016 and May 11, 2016 to highlight the Frog Pond Master Plan. The events were an opportunity to view drawings, talk with the project team and staff, and provide feedback.  City of Wilsonville Community Development Staff,  Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) Members, and consultant project team members were onsite as informational resources.

The public can review project boards (these are large documents which may be slow to load) as such:

September 14, 2016 Open House Event
Draft project boards included working recommendations for zoning, residential design guidelines, street designs, the Boeckman Trail, and parks and open space. Attendees were encouraged to provide written feedback and comments at the event.

May 11, 2016 Open House Event
Draft project boards included working ideas for Area Plans, Land Use, Parks and Open Space, and Transportation and were available for review, comments and questions.  The consultant team provided opportunity for public comment both in written and electronic formats.

The Planning Commission held a Frog Pond Master Plan Work Session directly following both the September and May Open House Events.  The public was invited to attend and participate. To access presentations made before the Planning Commission, refer to the City of Wilsonville's website and access Planning Commission Agendas/Minutes

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Neamtzu at or 503.570.1574.  

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Frog Pond Concept Plan Final Cover
Final Frog Pond Area Plan and Technical Appendices

The Frog Pond Area Plan, led by the City of Wilsonville established a vision for the 500-acre Frog Pond area, and defined expectations for the type of community it will be in the future. During this visioning process, the Frog Pond project team received citizen feedback and direction from both the Planning Commission and City Council. 

As a result, we are pleased to present the Final Frog Pond Area Plan and Technical Appendices as were approved by the Wilsonville City Council on November 16, 2015.

On November 16, 2015, the Wilsonville City Council held a regular meeting wherein Resolution 2533 was reviewed and approved.  Resolution 2533 is a resolution of the City of Wilsonville adopting the Frog Pond Area Plan, establishing a vision for the 500-acre Frog Pond Area, defining expectations for the type of community it will be in the future, and recommending implementation steps.  

You can review the November 16, 2015 City Council packet HERE

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