About Wilsonville

Bird Eye ViewOnce a small farming community, Wilsonville is now a fast-growing city of about 23,740. It has a diverse economy strengthened by leading firms in the high-tech industry and numerous warehousing and distribution facilities, including Xerox, Mentor Graphics, Flir Systems, Sysco, Orepac, and many others. Wilsonville is not only an economic engine for the region, but it is also a carefully planned city, with high-development standards, that draws residents, families, and businesses seeking an attractive, environmentally sensitive community.

Wilsonville is situated just south of Portland along the Willamette River. It straddles Interstate-5 and is close to the I-205 junction. The city serves as the dual gateway between the urbanized Portland metro area to the north and the rich agricultural lands of the Willamette Valley. Wilsonville offers both city amenities and rural attractions.

Playing at the ParkWilsonville has been recognized as a Tree City, USA for almost a decade. The community strives to maintain its natural beauty while accommodating new residents and businesses. For instance, the city has the good fortune of being home to three beautiful water features designed by the late Bob Murase. This world renowned landscape architect left his creative imprint on Wilsonville far into the future through the interactive water feature at Murase Plaza, the fountain and waterway at the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant Park and the more urban interactive water feature at Town Center Park.

Wilsonville schools are top-notch. We have an outstanding library; an award winning fareless transit system; a state-of the art water treatment plant; and we’ve invested millions into our parks and trails system. Wilsonville has won state and national awards in planning, urban forestry, wastewater and water management, finance, and transit while doubling our population, tripling our employment and adding thousands of new homes and millions of square feet in industrial and commercial space.

Quaint NeighborhoodVillebois, the region’s largest residential development project is underway in Wilsonville. This mixed-use urban village is a smart growth development that couples a wide variety of housing choices in a dense setting with wide open spaces, parks and trails. This pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented village is located near the region’s new commuter rail system which was opened to the public September 2008. Wilsonville will serve as the southern terminus of this suburban-to-suburban high speed commuter rail line linking it to the cities of Tualatin, Tigard, and Beaverton, as well as to the region’s MAX light rail line.

Wilsonville is fortunate to have a devoted citizenry and a committed business community. The hard work, discipline, and expertise contributed by those on our boards and commissions, and numerous other committees and task forces help focus our vision to build a better community.