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​Application Deadline Extended to December 30, 2016 

City Seeks Volunteers for Board and Committee Vacancies

The City of Wilsonville has a total of 12 openings on various boards and commissions that become available at the start of 2017. Volunteers who serve on the City’s committees make a valuable contribution towards improving the community and local government’s ability to serve residents, businesses and visitors.  The deadline to submit an application for consideration of appointment has been extended to December 30, 2016.  

The Budget Committee, consisting of all five City Council members and five residents at large, has one opening. Members of the Budget Committee are appointed by the Council and serve three-year terms. The committee meets as necessary during the year and at a minimum must meet each spring to review the budget proposed by the City Manager. 

The Development Review Board (DRB), which has seven openings for two-year terms, consists of two five-member panels, each of which is empowered to review and take quasi-judicial action on land-use applications. Land-use applications are assigned to one of the two DRB panels, which then conduct hearings and render decisions on all aspects of that application, including potential conditions of approval. Board members must be city residents; no more than two members of a panel can be involved in the same occupation; and no more than one member of either panel can be involved in real-estate sales or development.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, which has two openings, is a seven-member advisory board that plans for and advises the City Council on current and future park and recreational needs. Board member serve four-year terms and there is a two-term limit.

The Planning Commission, which has one opening, is a seven-member panel responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on all legislative land-use and planning matters. The Commission reviews plans for development in Wilsonville and acts to promote public health, safety and the welfare of residents and businesses. The commission also fulfills the role as the City’s Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI) that conducts work sessions and informal public meetings intended to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions without the formality of public hearings. 

The Tourism Promotion Committee, which has one vacancy, is comprised of representatives of the greater Wilsonville-area hospitality and tourism industry and is charged to implement the Wilsonville Tourism Development Strategy and oversee City-County tourism-development grant programs. The application for the Tourism Promotion Committee is available online.

Please feel free to contact me with questions at 503-570-1506 or via email. 
Completed forms may be returned to City Hall in person, via email to, by regular mail to City Hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville, OR 97070, or by fax to 503-682-1015.

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