Public Records

What is a public record? 
Under ORS 192.420 "every person" has a right to inspect any nonexempt public record of a public body in Oregon.  

In 2011 ORS 192.005 revised the definition of a public record to accommodate
new technology.  A public record means any information that (A) is prepared, owned, used or retained by a state agency or political subdivision; (B) relates to an activity, transaction or function of a state agency or political subdivision; and (C) is necessary to satisfy the fiscal, legal, administrative or historical policies, requirements or needs of the state agency or political subdivision.    

How soon must the City respond to a request for public records? 
The ORS 192.430 requires a custodian of public records to provide ‘proper and reasonable opportunities for inspection and examination of the records in the office of the custodian’. The public body has a reasonable amount of time to respond to the request. Typically persons making a records request will receive an acknowledgment of their request within one or two days.

What public records are exempt from disclosure? 
In Oregon the Public Records Law is a disclosure law, rather than a confidentiality law. Exemptions are contained in ORS 192.501 and are applied on a case-by-case basis.

What can the City charge for providing copies of public records? 
A public body is allowed to charge for the actual cost in making records available, including staff time to search for the records.

How do I make a Public Records Request?
Contact the City Recorder by email, phone 503-570-1506, or in person at City Hall.  It is recommended that you fill out the Public Records Request Form.