Doing Business

  1. Bids & Proposals

    Take a look at the City of Wilsonville's current bids and proposals.

  2. Business License & Taxes

    Download forms, obtain a business license and more!

  3. Building

    Find information on everything you need to know about building in Wilsonville.

  4. City Utility Billing

    See your payment options for utility bills, and find what to do in an event of a water leak or other utility issues.

  5. Development Process Guidelines

    View the guidelines to the City of Wilsonville's development process.

  6. Economic Development

    Visit the City's Economic Development website for information.

  7. Programs

    Find programs to get involved!

  8. Public Records Request

    Contact the City recorder or fill out the Public Records Request form.

  9. Traffic Counts

    Map showing the daily counts for traffic on sections of road in Wilsonville.

  10. Visit Wilsonville