5. Building Requirements

Once an applicant has received Planning approval, and prior to beginning work, the next step is to submit for a Building Permit. Two sets of construction plans are required for submittal along with the plan review fee and fire / life safety review fee. Please see the attached documents below for the current fee schedule. The Building Division plan review usually takes two to three weeks and once completed, the permit can be issued and work may begin on the project. An early site grading permit may be obtained before issuance of a building permit that will allow the applicant to go through the necessary steps to start early grading on the project. If a pre-construction meeting with city staff and contractors is needed, it will need to be scheduled before the issuance of permits.

Separate Building, Plumbing and Mechanical permits including private site utilities are required for construction activities covered under the adopted specialty Codes. A separate Public Works Permit is required for all public utilities located in the public right-of-way or public easement.

All commercial projects require a “fire flow” calculation to determine if the building is with in the allowable fire flow as determined in Appendix B of Adopted Fire Code. Fire flow calculation worksheets may be obtained through the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue website. The number of required fire hydrants for the project is also determined through the fire flow calculations and is available in Appendix C of the Fire Code. Fire Department apparatus access will be reviewed by the Fire Department, early involvement with the Fire Department to review access and water supply is recommended before final submittal for a Building Permit.

All associated System Development Charges and development fees will be calculated during the plan review process, such charges and fees will be due upon issuance of the Building Permit. To obtain an estimate of the project development fees, see “New Construction Getting Started” below for detailed information.

Electrical Permits can be secured through Clackamas County at 503-742-4240. All other inspections are made by request to the Building Division through the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) at 503-682-4159, or by requesting the inspection through the city's website.