4. Engineering Requirements

Your initial contact with the Engineering Division will be for a Request for Traffic Study; the City contracts with an independent traffic engineer to produce the traffic study. You will work with Development Engineering Manager Steve Adams to obtain the traffic study. This study is a required piece to obtain planning approval.

Once you have obtained your Planning Division approval, a Public Works Permit is required for all public utilities and work in the public right-of-way. The plans are to be drawn to conform to the checklist.  The Engineering Conditions of Approval, included within the Planning approval, will also need to be addressed in the plans.

Six (6) sets of plans are required for submittal along with the fees outlined below, as well as two (2) copies of the Stormwater Report, two (2) copies of structural calculations for engineered walls and a copy of the engineer's estimate.  It is a goal of the Engineering Division to review the set of plans within three weeks and return them with comments to the applicant's representative.  The total plan review process usually takes several weeks and once completed, the Public Works Permit can be issued at a scheduled preconstruction conference, after which work can commence.

Upon submittal of the permit fee, performance bond for 150% of the engineer estimate and submittal of required insurance forms are required for issuance of the Public Works Permit.
  • Plan Review - 2% of engineer’s estimate
  • Permit Fee - 5% of engineer’s estimate
  • Plan Review Fee - 0.5% for third and every other plan review
Inspections are made by a request to the City Engineering Division.

Traffic Control Plans, in conformance with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices practices, is required for work within the right-of-way.

Public Works Permit:
Public Works Permits are required for connecting to, repairing, or constructing public utilities such as water, sewer, storm drainage, or City-owned streets; including curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

Right-of-Way Permit:
Right-of-Way Permits are required for any work being done in the public right-of-way within the city. Utilities with franchises in Wilsonville are required to apply for a Utility Permit, in lieu of a right-of-way permit.

Utility Permits:
Utility Permits are required if you are a franchise utility working within the Right-of-Way or Public Easement.  No fee is required with repair and maintenance of franchise utilities.