3. Natural Resources

Natural Resource Program Requirements
Once the Planning Division receives a development application, it is forwarded to the Natural Resources Program for review and comments. The application is reviewed to see how it will impact the natural resources of, and around, the site. The proposed application is also examined to make sure it meets all Federal, State, Regional, and City environmental standards. Conditions of approval are submitted as part of the Planning Staff Report that goes to the public hearing before the Development Review Board to address any environmental/natural resource issues.

The following list includes but is not limited to those natural resource issues that will be reviewed during the application process:
  • Significant Resource Areas (including streams, wetlands, and wildlife habitat)
  • Stormwater management
  • Business sewer discharges
  • Federal and State permitting requirements
Stormwater Management 
 Natural Resources will also review and approve the water quality section of the Stormwater Analysis Report provided to the Engineering Division, along with the Erosion Control Plan and water quality components of the plan sets submitted to the Building and Engineering Divisions. Erosion control measures will be inspected prior to any construction.

Any issues that may apply to your project will be discussed during the pre-application meeting, as well as any actions you may need to take.

Verification of boundary
  • Abbreviated - $95
  • Standard - $190
SRIR Review
  • Abbreviated - $570
  • Standard - $1,426
Review Mitigation Monitoring Report - $143