1. Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting with the City’s Community Development Department is designed to provide you with relevant information you will need to submit a site development permit application. The site development permit process is the first step in the City’s permitting process. Your project may need building and/or public works permits. These are separate and distinct permits issued by the city’s Building and Engineering Divisions and are not issued as part of the Site Development Permit. Representatives from the City’s Planning, Building, Engineering Divisions, Natural Resources Program, and Environmental Services will be at the pre-application meeting to discuss the requirements for these permits. 

Pre-Application Meeting Process
  • Pre-application meetings are held on a weekly basis (currently Thursday mornings at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.). Scheduling of these meetings is subject to availability of time and will be scheduled in the order requests are received.
  • Pre-application meetings are scheduled approximately two weeks after Planning Division Staff receives the required fee and 10 copies of site plans and narrative for your proposed project. Electronic versions of your plans are preferred. Staff will not schedule a meeting until these materials are received and the Pre-Application Meeting Fee has been paid.
  • The content of a pre-application meeting is considered public information unless requested to be confidential by the applicant.
  • Information conveyed by City staff during a pre-application meeting is preliminary and in response to information submitted by the applicant. Any change of plans or incorrect information submitted may invalidate the information relayed. Requests to review plans modified after a pre-application meeting may require an additional pre-application meeting(s) and fee(s).
  • Analysis of a proposed project by City staff during pre-application meetings is preliminary and does not substitute for a Site Development Permit application and should not be construed as a final planning decision. Review of your applications during the Site Development Permit review process may reveal additional requirements that are applicable to your project.
  • Development conditions in the City can change quickly. Staff reserves the right to require additional application meeting(s) should changes in these conditions affect the development potential of your property.
  • A written summary of the meeting may be requested by the applicant. Such request must be submitted in writing at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Requested transcript of meeting will be billed to the applicant at the city’s current transcription service rate.
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Contact to schedule the pre-application meeting:
Planning Assistant 503-682-4960

Pre-Application Fee

See Planning Fees under "Quick Links".