Mayor & Council

A Comfortable & Safe Community
City Councilors works diligently to make Wilsonville a comfortable and safe community to live in. This past year, the Council reached out to citizens, promoted economic growth, and emphasized the city’s desire to protect and preserve the environment and community.

During these challenging economic times, City Councilors made it a priority to give assistance to families in any way possible and intensified efforts to bring more business and jobs to the community. Meet your Council and learn more about each one of them.
Performance Areas & Council Goals
City Council key performance areas and Council Goals for 2013 through 2015 include:
  1. Quality Education
  2. Fiscal Discipline
  3. Environmental Stewardship
  4. Clear Vision and Community Design
    1. Develop a plan to improve bike and pedestrian connectivity throughout the community and integrate the plan in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan
  5. Thoughtful Land Use
    1. Complete a formal concept plan for Advance Road and Frog Pond Residential Areas
  6. Well Maintained Infrastructure
  7. Community Amenities and Recreation
    1. Complete a feasibility study for a community recreational / aquatic center in Wilsonville
    2. Complete a plan for successful integration of our existing living, working and playing areas in existing planned development through TSP adoption, the launching of concept planning, and CIP by the Third Quarter of 2013
  8. Welcoming, Engaged and Satisfied Residents
  9. Multi-Modal Transportation Network
  10. Safe Healthy and Aesthetically Pleasing Community
  11. Economic Development
    1. Develop and begin to implement a strategy to increase occupancy by filling vacant store fronts
    2. Develop a funding and annexation strategy for implementing Coffee Creek Industrial area in 18 months
    3. Complete and adopt Basalt Creek industrial area concept plan in the next 18 to 24 months
    4. Develop a strategic branding plan, including complete visual identity plan and logo, to promote the city’s livability and economic opportunities by April 2014