Development Code

The Planning & Land Development Ordinance
The Wilsonville Planning and Land Development Ordinance (below), also known as the Development Code or Zoning Code, is Chapter 4 of the Wilsonville Code. It is enacted for the purpose of promoting the general public welfare by ensuring procedural due process in the administration and enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Plan, Zoning, Design Review, Land Division, and Development Standards.

Zoning Map
For details on zoning classifications on the Zoning Map, see the Zoning sections (4.100 to 4.141) of the Planning and Land Use Development Ordinance.

The Zoning Map is subject to change pursuant to actions by the City Council. Information on this map is a representation of the Official Zone Map of the City of Wilsonville. The boundaries shown should not be relied upon for anything other than general location. Please refer to the Official Zone Map at the Wilsonville City Hall, 29799 Southwest Town Center Loop E, or call the Planning Division at 503-682-4960.

The January 2015 Development Code includes all amending ordinances through December 31, 2014.  As there was only one amending ordinance in 2014: Section 4.022(.03) City Council Call-up, only the front cover, the table of amending ordinances and Page A-44 were changed and have the 2015 date.  

The Wilsonville Planning and Land Development Ordinance (Wilsonville's Development Code) has been broken into several sections due to its size.