Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is an official statement of the goals, policies, implementation measures, and physical plan for the development of the city. The plan documents the city’s approach to the allocation of available resources for meeting current and anticipated future needs. In doing so, it records current thinking regarding economic and social conditions. Because these conditions change over time, the plan must be directive, but flexible, and must also be periodically reviewed and revised to consider changes in circumstances.

Comprehensive Plan Map
The Comprehensive Plan Map is subject to change pursuant to actions by the City Council. Information on this map is a representation of the Official Comprehensive Plan Map of the City of Wilsonville. The boundaries shown should not be relied upon for anything other than general location. Please refer to the Comprehensive Plan Map at the Wilsonville City Hall, 29799 Southwest Town Center Loop E, or call the Planning Division at 503-682-4960.

Supporting Documents
The Wilsonville Comprehensive Plan was revised in entirety and adopted by City Council Ordinance No. 517 on October 16, 2000. The Comprehensive Plan was updated July 2013 to include the amending ordinances adopted since then. Only one Ordinance amending the Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2014, Ordinance No. 742 - adopting the Wilsonville Residential Land Study.  Since the only edit that was to be made to the Plan was to add the Wilsonville Land Study to the Supporting Documents list, the Plan date was not changed after adding the Study to the list.  The current Plan is still the July 2013 Update.  
 Description  Ordinance #
 Wilsonville Residential Land Study 742
Villebois Village Master Plan Amendments for "Future Study Area"  724 
Transportation System Plan 2013
Water System Master Plan 707
Stormwater Master Plan 700
 Accessory Dwelling Units  676
 Metro Title 13 (Nature in Neighborhood) Compliance 674
 Transportation-related Amendments including a new Section title "Transportation" 671
Transit Master Plan 653
Statewide Planning Goal 9 Economic Opportunity Analysis 638
Coffee Creek Master Plan
Parks and Recreation Master Plan 625 
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan  623
Villebois Village Master Plan Amendments 609
Public Works Standards 610
Villebois Village Master Plan Amendments  594
Reduction of Allowable Commercial Uses in Industrially-Zoned Land 574
Memorial Park Trails Master Plan 573
Wastewater Facility Plan 571
Villebois Village Master Plan Amendment 566
Villebois Village Master Plan (adoption of) 556
Transportation Systems Plan, 2003  (replaced by 2013 TSP) 552
Villebois Village Concept Plan - Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment 555
Villebois Village Concept Plan text amendment 554
Villebois Village Concept Plan (Adoption of) 553
Metro Title 5 Compliance 549
Water System Master Plan (​Replaced by Ord. No 707)   531
Wastewater Collection System Master Plan  530
Stormwater Master Plan (Repealed by Ord. No. 700) 515
Natural Resource Plan 516
Planning and Land Development Ordinance (Wilsonville's Development Code) 509