Policies & Code

A critical element of maintaining an effective Natural Resources Program is the development of new policies, and the consistent application of code requirements for protecting and conserving natural resources. Natural Resources staff works with other city staff to identify and develop new policies and recommend changes to the Development Code.

The Wilsonville City Council adopted the Natural Resources Annexation Policy by resolution at a public hearing on July 16, 2007.

The intent of the policy is to encourage property owners interested in petitioning the city for annexation to preserve and protect significant natural resources and trees prior to annexation in a manner consistent with the City of Wilsonville Development Code.

Consistent & Equitable Guidelines
Through the application of consistent and equitable guidelines within the city limits and in future annexation areas, the preservation of significant natural resources and trees for existing and future residents is facilitated. The policy is strictly advisory in nature. The City Council retains complete discretion over annexation of lands without regard to the policy’s application. 
Development Code
The Significant Resource Overlay Zone (SROZ), Section 4.139 of theDevelopment Code, regulates uses and activities that could impact locally significant wetlands, riparian corridors, and upland wildlife habitat. The SROZ maintains the long-term viability of these natural resources by reducing the impacts of development, which may include grading, filling, paving, tree or vegetation removal, and the construction of buildings or other structures.