CREST (Center for Research in Environmental Sciences & Technologies) 
CREST is an environmental education center that offers outreach and on-site programs for West Linn-Wilsonville School District students K-12 and resources to teachers and the community. Since 2002, the City of Wilsonville has worked with CREST to provide outdoor classrooms for students that include a 4.5 acres project area in Memorial Park. They have made a significant difference in the upland and riparian areas adjacent to Boeckman Creek by reducing the existence of invasive plant species (Himalayan blackberry, English ivy, and teasel) and planting native trees, shrubs and wetland plants.

CREST is located 20 miles south of Portland, adjacent to Boones Ferry Primary & Wood Middle School. More information about CREST can be obtained on their website or by calling 503-673-7350.

Friends of Trees 

Friends of Trees1Friends of Trees is a nonprofit organization that organizes volunteers for tree-planting and tree-care projects along city streets, in urban natural areas and on school grounds. In 2002, the City of Wilsonville and Friends of Trees established a partnership to create native plant communities (a variety of plants living together in a specific area) within Memorial Park. Planting native riparian vegetation (vegetation that is adjacent to a stream, river or lake) and re-establishing native forested areas are an essential part of a healthy eco-system.Friend of Trees has planted tree seedlings in various locations throughout Memorial Park. You can observe where the seedling growth has been very successful in such areas as the meadow just east of the forested area, the area east of the Boeckman Creek bridge (up the hill and to the right of the path) and just west of the dog park, where the city removed numerous non-native trees and planted native varieties. 
The City foresees a continuation of this valuable partnership whereby volunteers are given an opportunity to contribute to the health and beautification of Wilsonville. 

More information about Friends of Trees can be obtained on their website or by calling 503-282-8846.

Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP) 
SWRP is a Wilsonville High School student club that has been active in Wilsonville for the past 12 years conducting field research, water quality monitoring, and performing community environmental service. The City of Wilsonville has partnered with SWRP on clean up, planning, biological and chemical monitoring, fish counts and stream rehabilitation on Boeckman Creek and Mill Creek. The students were instrumental in assisting the City in obtaining funding for the Lower Boeckman Creek Fish Passage and Stream Restoration Project whereby a culvert was removed, a 75-foot bridge was installed, and fish and wildlife habitat was restored in Memorial Park. They were also recognized for their participation in the project at the awards ceremony in Salem when the City received the 2006 Oregon State Land Board Award. 

More information about SWRP can obtained on their website or by calling