Education & Events

NR LogoNatural Resources Program
The Natural Resources Program’s primary goal is to maintain a healthy environment by insuring long-term care of local natural resources such as streams, wetlands, and forested areas. Join us at our community volunteer opportunities or come to a nature event.

Wildlife & Habitat Conservation
The Natural Resources Program works to protect our natural environment through planning, education, and restoration.

Nature events are held throughout the year and are designed to encourage community participation in volunteer opportunities, provide education and outreach, and promote environmental stewardship. View the event calendar for more information.

Water Quality
Proper stormwater management, including control of pollutants, mitigating stream temperature increases, and effective erosion control, in both public and private systems, benefits our rivers and streams and is vital for the health of our community and the environment.

Our Urban Forest
Urban forestry is the planning, establishment, and management of trees, plants, and landscaping in urban environments. Since 1998, the city has been recognized by the Tree City USA program.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
Bring unwanted hazardous household products such as pesticides, leftover paint, solvents, and automotive fluids to one of Metro's hazardous waste facilities.