School Resource Officer

The City of Wilsonville is committed to providing services for the community's youth, and keeping a school resource officer (SRO) available to Wilsonville schools is an important part of that commitment. The city partners with the West Linn-Wilsonville School District to have a dedicated officer in the schools. Additionally, our entire force works to make our schools and the students safe through cooperation and coordination with the schools and patrols 24 hours a day in and around the schools.

The Wilsonville Police SRO works in close cooperation with the other West Linn Wilsonville School District SRO from West Linn Police. In the event of needing additional expertise or critical incident in the schools, the two SRO’s are available and bring the full backing of their respective agencies.

Wilsonville Police are visible in the schools and can be found in any of our schools on any day. If you are around your child’s school and see a deputy, feel free to stop and chat if the deputy. You can also follow the school resource officer on Twitter @WilsonvilleSRO.
The Wilsonville SRO serves:
One of the tools available to the police, including our SRO is Juvenile Diversion Program for at risk youth that the city operates.