General Information

Courtesy Notices
A courtesy notice is mailed to you at the address listed on the citation. The notice contains general information about the requirements and options available for resolving the ticket. General information and requirements may include:
  • Amount of bail, including reductions, based on the violation and your prior driving history. By law, the maximum reduction based on a customers driving record is 20%
  • Proof of correction requirements for mechanical violations
  • Mandatory court appearance requirements
  • Diversion eligibility requirements
It is your responsibility to resolve the citation on or before the due date. If you do not receive a courtesy notice, contact the court. Failure to receive a courtesy notice is not a legal excuse for failing to take the appropriate action to resolve the citation.

Diversion Eligibility for Seat Belt Tickets
For drivers that have no prior seat belt violations and a good driving record, a diversion class may be offered. Drivers who complete the diversion class will incur less cost and the citation will not be recorded on their driving record.
Diversion is offered on a case by case basis and if eligible, the information will be sent by mail. Payment of the diversion fee is expected at the time the program is accepted by the customer.

License Reinstatement
Once payment in full has been received, the court will send a clearance to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The clearance is sent the same day as payment is received. The DMV will process the reinstatement once the clearance and any reinstatement fees have been received. To speed up the reinstatement process, customers can elect to take a copy of the clearance to the Department of Motor Vehicles personally.

Persons With Disabilities
The Wilsonville Municipal Court is located on the second floor of City Hall. The elevator is located on the right-hand side of the foyer. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on both the first and second floor, down the hall past the elevator.

Persons with disabilities who require a special accommodation to access court programs, services, or activities may request the needed accommodation. Portable Assistive Listening Systems (ALS), sign language interpreter, realtime transcription, or other services are also available. Please contact the Court Office to make the necessary arrangements.

Translation Services
A Spanish speaking interpreter is available on court nights. To arrange for any other type of interpreter, please contact the Court Office as soon as possible.