Municipal/Traffic Court

City Hall
Wilsonville Municipal Court
Is a limited jurisdiction court serving the citizens of the City of Wilsonville, Oregon.

Court Jurisdiction
The court has jurisdiction over traffic violations, parking citations, and local ordinances. The city contracts with Clackamas County to provide police services. All officers servicing the city are sworn Clackamas County Sheriffs.

Municipal Judges
The City of Wilsonville has two presiding municipal judges:

  • J. Michael Gleeson
  • James Shartel

Court Information

  1. Citations

    Find information about what to do if you have been issued a citation.

  2. Court Night

    View information about night court.

  3. Directions

    Get directions to the Wilsonville Municipal Court.

  4. General Information

    Discover information about courtesy notices, seat belt tickets, license reinstatement, and more.

  5. Payment

    Get payment information and find various avenues for making payments.

  6. Trials

    Check out information about trials and arraignments.