Map Search Tips

Wilsonville Maps OnlineBefore You Start...
You can search for a property based on the address or tax lot information. The address search is based on the primary parcel address and not the suites, units, or apartment numbers. Here are a few quick search tips below:

  • Less is more - If your address is 29799 S.W. Town Center Loop East, just put in the street number 29799. You will be presented with a list of potential addresses beginning with that street number from which to choose.
  • For an exact parcel search, you will need to put in a specific tax lot number formatted exactly as seen here: 3S1W13CC002. Where you do not have letters representing the quarter quarter sections, insert underscores like: 3S1W13C_00200 or 3S1W13__00200 (two underscores next to each other).

  • Use a partial parcel search string that includes the map number, like 3S1W13CC, to choose from a list of possible matches.
Once you have executed your search, you will be presented with a list of all matching tax lots on the map. If your query returns more than 250 results, then you will be required to narrow your search parameters before the results can be displayed.

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