Residential Rates

For a complete listing of residential rates, view the list of current and future rates adopted by the City Council.

Water - Residential

City water meters measure use in units. One unit equates to 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. Water rates are based upon what is called an inverted block. That is, higher rates are applied as consumption increases. The inverted block is used to encourage conservation. For additional questions or water meter information, please contact Public Works at 503-682-4092.

A typical home uses a 5/8 inch by 3/4 inch meter. The billing example shown below is based upon this size meter. The average monthly residential water use in the winter time is 5 units and in the summer it is 12.

Water Rate Structure

The City Council approved a rate structure that allows the city to bill water usage more in alignment with individual customers usage patterns. During the irrigation season (April through October), customers are billed on a base charge and tier I domestic usage rates for usage up to their average winter consumption, plus three units.

The three additional units provide for minor fluctuations in consumption. Any usage in excess of the winters average (plus three) is billed at tier II irrigation rates. The winter average for new residents is based on a system wide average for residential customers. Currently the system wide average is five units. During the months of November through March, all consumption is assumed to be indoor, or domestic use and is billed at tier I domestic rates.

Base & Consumption Tiers Rates: April - October Rates: November - March
Base charge (includes first 2 units) $20.45 $20.45
Tier I (Winter average plus 3 units) $3.44 per unit $3.44 per unit
Tier II (Over winter average plus 3 units) $5.76 per unit  
(Winter average is defined in the sewer section)

Billing examples for Water calculations

Summer Rate Calculation (winter average of 5 units) April - October (12 Units)
First 2 units (base charge) $20.45
Next 6 units (5 average plus 3 minus 2 base units) at $3.44 $20.64
Remaining 4 units at $5.76 $23.04
Total Monthly Water Bill $64.13

Winter Rate Calculation November - March
First 2 units (base charge) $20.45
Tier I rate - 10 units at $3.44 $34.40
Tier II rate not used during the winter  N/A
Total Monthly Water Bill

Sewer - Residential

Just like water, different rates apply to residential and commercial customers. Due to the fact that irrigation customers don't affect the sewer system, they are not assessed a sewer charge. The sewer charge is based upon the demand generated by the user. For commercial customers, this is the monthly water use. For residential customers, it is the average wintertime consumption which is the period of November through March.

Wintertime consumption is used because it most accurately reflects non-irrigation and non-outdoor water use. New customers are based on a system wide residential average. 

Rates are based on a minimum charge of $19.84 which includes the first 2 units. Each unit thereafter is $8.85 

Calculation Cost
First 2 units (base charge) $19.84
Next 3 units at $8.85 $26.55
Total Monthly Sewer Bill $46.39

Street lights

For residential customers, street light rates are based on the fixtures installed in that subdivision. Monthly charges range from $0.80 to $5.01. The most common charge is $2.89. All customers are charged for street lights, regardless if they have one in front of their house or not. They are charged for the street lights throughout town from which we all benefit. 

Storm water

All residential customers, who live in an area with accessibility to the storm water system, are charged a monthly fee.

January 1, 2016 January 1, 2017 January 1, 2018 January 1, 2019
       $8.65 $9.30 $9.95 $10.60

Road Maintenance

The city charges all residential and non-residential users a fee that is dedicated to maintaining a safe, functional street system. Effective March 1, 2017 the residential monthly rate will be $5.23. Effective November 1, 2017 the residential monthly rate will be $7.62.