West Side District

The Wilsonville West Side Urban Renewal Plan Area is located on the west side of I-5, including the Villebois Master Plan area (old Dammasch Hospital site and adjacent properties) and some property located south of Wilsonville Road between Brown Road and the railroad tracks.

The $40 million infrastructure investment represented by the West Side Plan will leverage over $500 million in private development.

The Villebois Plan
Villebois, the model urban community under construction on the former Dammasch Hospital site, will provide the revenue stream from its increased property values to fund the West Side District. These funds will pay for bonds used for street and other improvements without assessing new taxes to current residents and businesses. In addition, Villebois will help address Wilsonville's critical housing shortage. It will offer housing options for those that now commute here for work.

Wilsonville's West Side Urban Renewal District is a model for public-private partnership to ensure the urban growth boundary is effectively implemented and regionally significant infrastructure is adequately funded.

The District as a Public Model
The District is further a model for public-public partnerships. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and Wilsonville's Urban Renewal Agency negotiated a nationally recognized program that requires sprinklers in every dwelling unit in Villebois. Metro and ODOT participated in infrastructure prioritization and funding.

For more information, view the updated plan amendments to the West Side Urban Renewal District.