Detail Drawings Index


  1. Approved Street Lighting Eqpt for New Installations (RD-1345 pg 1)
  2. Approved Street Lighting Eqpt for New Installations (RD-1345 pg 2)
  3. Approved Street Lighting Eqpt for New Installations (RD-1345 pg 3)
  4. Approved Street Lighting Eqpt for New Installations (RD-1345 pg 4)
  5. Approved Street Lighting Eqpt for New Installations (RD-1345 pg 5)
  6. Asphalt Concrete Pavement Placement Detail (RD-1170)
  7. Asphalt Street Curb and Gutter (RD-1055)
  8. Buffer Bike Lane Striping (RD-1290)
  9. Centerline Survey Monument (RD-1190)
  10. Collector With On-Street Parking (RD-1030)
  11. Collector Without On-Street Parking (RD-1025)
  12. Commercial Driveway Type I (RD-1095)
  13. Commercial Driveway Type II (RD-1100)
  14. Concrete Pavement Saw Cutting and Doweling (RD-1180)
  15. Concrete Sidewalk (RD-1075)
  16. Concrete Sidewalk Next to Swale (RD-1076)
  17. Concrete Street Curb and Gutter (RD-1060)
  18. Concrete Street Curb Median (RD-1067)
  19. Concrete Traffic Separator (RD-1070)
  20. Curb Extension (RD-1110)
  21. Detectable Warning Surface (RD-1125)
  22. Driveway For Non-Curbed Street (RD-1085)
  23. Driveway to Private Roadway (RD-1080)
  24. Electrical Junction Boxes (RD-1325)
  25. Fire/Utility Access Gate (RD-1210)
  26. Fire/Utility Access Gate Latch, Lock and Locking Pin (RD-1215)
  27. Future Street Extension Sign (RD-1225)
  28. Hazard Markers (RD-1200)
  29. Low Impact Development Local Street (RD-1020)
  30. Low Impact Development Local Street Cul-De-Sac (RD-1010)
  31. Major Arterial (RD-1040)
  32. Manhole Collar Detail - PCC Streets (RD-1185)
  33. Mid-Block Parallel Sidewalk Ramp (RD-1135)
  34. Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing (RD-1145)
  35. Mid-Block Perpendicular Sidewalk Ramp (RD-1130)
  36. Minor Arterial (RD-1035)
  37. Non-Mountable Median (RD-1065)
  38. Non-Removable Bollard (RD-1195)
  39. Old Town Interior Street & BFR S of 4th (RD-1002)
  40. P.C.C. to A.C. Paving Connection (RD-1175)
  41. Parallel Sidewalk Ramp (RD-1120)
  42. Parking Lot Driveway Aisle (RD-1105)
  43. Pavement Markings Page 1 (RD-1265)
  44. Pavement Markings Page 2 (RD-1270)
  45. Pavement Markings Page 3 (RD-1275)
  46. Pavement Markings Page 4 (RD-1280)
  47. Pavement Markings Page 5 (RD-1285)
  48. Pedestrian Island Refuge (RD-1140)
  49. Perpendicular Sidewalk Ramp (RD-1115)
  50. Project Notification Sign (RD-1260)
  51. Public Road End Alternatives (RD-1050)
  52. Removable Vehicle Barrier Post (RD-1205)
  53. Residential Driveway (RD-1090)
  54. Residential Street (RD-1015)
  55. Residential Street Cul-De-Sac (RD-1005)
  56. Rural Road (RD-1000)
  57. Shared Use Bike & Ped Facilities (RD-1045)
  58. Shared Use Path (RD-1165)
  59. Street Barricade (Type III) (RD-1220)
  60. Street Light Style, Types & Districts (RD-1300 pg 1)
  61. Street Light Style, Types & Districts (RD-1300 pg 2)
  62. Street Name Sign (RD-1255)
  63. Street Sign Assembly (RD-1250)
  64. Street Sign Locations (RD-1245)
  65. Street Tree Location and Clearances (RD-1240)
  66. Streetlight Disconnect (RD-1330)
  67. Streetlight Footing Requirements (RD-1335)
  68. Streetlight Footing Requirements (RD-1340)
  69. Transit Bus Turnout (RD-1160)
  70. Tree Protection Fencing (RD-1230)
  71. Tree Well and Grate (RD-1235)
  72. Type 1-Cobrahead Streetlight/Aluminum Pole (RD-1310)
  73. Type 5-Rectangular Streetlight/Bronze Composite Pole (RD-1305)
  74. Type 6-Pendant (Westbrook) Streetlight/Black Decorative Pole (RD-1315)
  75. Widened Sidewalk at Clustered Mailbox Location (RD-1155)
  76. Widened Sidewalk at Single Mailbox Location (RD-1150)

Sanitary and Storm Systems

  1. 24" Round Stormwater Catch Basin (S-2111)
  2. Access Location (S-2065)
  3. Area Drain (Type 2) (S-2110)
  4. Area Drain and Grate (Type 1) (S-2105)
  5. Bee Hive Inlet and Grate (S-2112)
  6. Biofilter Bag Ditches and Swales (S-2255)
  7. Biofilter Bag Overland Flow (S-2250)
  8. Bore Detail (S-2165)
  9. Catch Basin (G-2) - Rebar Reinforcement (S-2096)
  10. Catch Basin (G-2) Frame and Grate (S-2100)
  11. Catch Basin (S-2095)
  12. Cleanout Frame and Cover (S-2185)
  13. Concrete Cap (S-2200)
  14. Concrete Encasement/Closure Collar (S-2190)
  15. Concrete Street Manhole Repair Detail (S-2075)
  16. Curb Inlet (CG-30) (S-2085)
  17. Curb Inlet (CG-48) (S-2090)
  18. Ditch Inlet (Type D) (S-2120)
  19. Ditch Inlet Frame and Cover (Type D) (S-2125)
  20. Emergency Overflow (S-2275)
  21. Flat Top Manhole (S-2030)
  22. Flow Control Manhole (S-2049)
  23. Grated Outfall Pipe (S-2115)
  24. Gravel Construction Entrance (S-2240)
  25. Gutter Inlet Pollution Control Device (S-2135)
  26. Inlet Protection Type 4 (S-2126)
  27. Inlet Protection Type 5 (S-2127)
  28. Inserta-Tee (S-2160)
  29. Inside Drop - Storm (S-2045)
  30. Inside Drop Manhole - Sanitary Sewer (S-2042)
  31. Large Cast-in-Place Concrete Manhole Base (S-2040)
  32. Large Diameter Pipe Manhole (S-2035)
  33. Manhole Pipe Connection (S-2010)
  34. Manhole Step (S-2080)
  35. Pipe Slope Anchor - Concrete (S-2195)
  36. Pipe Slope Anchor - Steel (S-2196)
  37. PVC Saddle Gasket (S-2155)
  38. Sanitary Sewer Crossing (S-2150)
  39. Sediment Fence (S-2245)
  40. Sediment Marker (S-2260)
  41. Service Lateral (S-2175)
  42. Shallow Manhole (S-2025)
  43. Standard Backfill and Street Repair (S-2145)
  44. Standard Cast-in-Place Concrete Manhole Base (S-2015)
  45. Standard Cleanout (S-2180)
  46. Standard Manhole (S-2005)
  47. Standard Symbols (S-2000)
  48. Steel Plate Installation (S-2146)
  49. Storm Pretreament Manhole Snout (S-2051)
  50. Stormwater Pretreatment Manhole (S-2050)
  51. Suburban and Standard Manhole Frame and Cover (S-2055)
  52. Swale Inflow Spreader (S-2225)
  53. Tamperproof Manhole Frame and Cover (S-2060)
  54. Wheel Wash (S-2235)

Stormwater LID