Community Development

Aerial ViewDivisions
The Community Development Department (CD) includes the City of Wilsonville: 
  • Building Division
  • Planning Division
  • Engineering Division
  • Natural Resources Division
  • Economic Development Division
Together, this team of professionals manage development and infrastructure projects throughout the city to maintain and enhance Wilsonville’s quality of life for its residents, businesses, and visitors.

Role of Community Development
The Community Development Department implements the policies and master plans of the Wilsonville Comprehensive Plan to guide growth and ensure that appropriate infrastructure (roads, utility capacity, parks, public facilities, etc.) is available for the predicted city expansion needs. The team directs approximately $30 million of maintenance, repair, design, and construction improvements annually.

Additionally, staff works with developers, architects, engineering consultants, builders, businesses, and property owners to guide new construction and the renovation of existing properties and structures, to meet environmental and other regulatory mandates.

Community Development answers inquiries about future development and city projects, conducts studies, and formulates reports relating to a variety of issues including transportation, land use, environmental assessments, urban design, and economic development.

Staff is responsible for making recommendations to City Council for changes to the Planning and Land Development Ordinance, Historic District Zones, the Comprehensive Plan, and the Zoning Map, along with developing and monitoring the master plans used to plan, prioritize, and program infrastructure needs for our stormwater, wastewater, water, and transportation systems.

Staff provides assistance to citizen boards and commissions, including the City Council, Planning Commission, and Development Review Boards. CD is responsible for both commercial and residential building and planning, guiding future development, and working for our residents and businesses to help make the City of Wilsonville a safe, economically viable, environmentally friendly, and naturally beautiful community to live and work.