City Code

The City Code contains the codified ordinances passed by the City Council. The Code can be downloaded by individual chapters below. It is also available for review at the Wilsonville Library or can be purchased at cost from the City Recorder.
Chapter Title
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Administration
Chapter 3
City Property
Chapter 4 Development Code 
Chapter 5
Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 6 Public Health and Welfare
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Environment
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Offenses
Chapter 11

City Charter
The City of Wilsonville was incorporated in 1968 and is a home rule charter city. The city charter is the basic law under which the City operates and can be amended only by a vote of the citizens. The charter was amended in September of 1999 with the addition of Section 43 regarding the use of the Willamette River; again in November of 2002 with the addition of Section 44 requiring voter approval before the City expends resources to construct any new city hall building; and in November of 2004 amending Section 44 and clarifying the definition of "regularly scheduled city election".