Boards & Commissions

The city's various boards and commissions assist in the governance of the community and Wilsonville residents are encouraged to participate. All appointments to boards and/or commissions are made by the Mayor and confirmed by a vote of the City Council.

Budget Committee
Each spring the Budget Committee meets to review and recommend a budget for the City's next fiscal year.
Development Review Board
The Development Review Board is responsible for making decisions regarding development proposals. When the city receives a land-use application, it is assigned to one of the two DRB panels, which then conducts hearings and renders decisions on all aspects of that application.
Library Board
The Library Board is responsible for recommending policies for governing the library, recommend an annual budget to the City Manager, proposing fundraising programs and activities to the Council for Library purposes, and making an annual report to the State Library and City Council.
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board acts as a channel for communication between the general public and municipal administration. The Board takes the initiative in planning present and future parks.
Planning Commission
Planning Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on all legislative land-use and planning matters. This could include plans for the regulation of future growth and development in Wilsonville, plans for the promotion of the industrial, commercial and economic needs of the community and the study of measures that promote the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city.
Tourism Promotion Committee
The Tourism Promotion Committee is a new 12-member board composed of professional tourism agencies, chamber of commerce, City Parks & Recreation Dept. staff and a City Councilor committee liaison. The newly-constituted committee first appointed in October 2015 is charged with implementing the Wilsonville Tourism Development Strategy and overseeing City-run tourism grant programs.
Wilsonville Community Seniors, Inc.
The Wilsonville Community Seniors, Inc. is an independent organization whose members are elected by the participants at the Community Center. They provide recommendations and direction for the operation of the Senior Programs as well as funding for ongoing recreational activities and classes.
Urban Renewal Agency
 The mission of Wilsonville's Urban Renewal Agency is to eliminate blight in areas within the Agency's jurisdiction and, in the process, to attract aesthetically pleasing, job producing private investments that will improve and stabilize property values and protect the areas's residential livability and its environmental values. The Agency is comprised of the five elected City Council members, with the City Manager acting as the Executive Director. Agency meetings are held as necessary, and typically are held the same night as the Council meetings and immediately follow the City Council meetings.